Dart Scanner for DMP-Printers

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The DART scanner for DMP printers

A scanner from Dart Electronics for use with Amstrad's DMP2000 and DMP3000 printer series (including later DMP2160/3160/3250di variants). The scanner optics are attached to the printer head. This solution sounds a bit crude, but it was surprisingly successful: Adverts were released every some months in ACU, from 1986 until 1992.


The scanner optics are attached to the printer head. The scanner interface connects to the expansion port.

Uses port FBEFh, the port seems to be read-only.

 Bit2 Carriage Returned/Parked (0=Wait/Head Parked, 1=Scan/Head Moving)
 Bit? Scanned Pixel Color      (0=Black, 1=White)

Scanning is done in single scanlines (one pixels height). The scanning procedure waits while FBEFh.Bit2=0 (which probably indicates that the head is in the left-most position, or that it has just leaved it, or so). The horizontal "dot clock" is implemented as software delays (ie. the horizontal resolution depends on the software). When scanning a black dot, one or more bits in Port FBEFh become non-zero (not sure which bit; the driver software simply checks "IF Port[FBEFh]<>FFh THEN PLOT pixel").

Caution: The scanning software may be required to be adjusted for different printer/scanner versions (eg. an extra delay for DMP3000), and, the printer DIP switches must be set up properly (see last page of manual for details). Further timing adjustments are required for the DMP2160, DMP3160, and DMP3250di printers, which do move the head at faster speed, and do thus need adjustments for horizontal resolution (and position). Details on these adjustments should be found in newer versions of the Dart Scanner manual and/or in newer versions of the supplied software.





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Observe that the manual includes some patches for using the scanning software with different printers, ie. it may be required to do some small modifications before using the above drivers. And, the manual says that DIP switches on the printer must be configured properly.


http://cpcrulez.fr/hardware_scannerDART.htm ( You can download the software here )