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A printer by Amstrad. Basically the same hardware as the DMP2000. The DMP2000 was aimed at CPC users, the DMP3000 contains additional IBM character set, aimed at PC users.

General Specifications

For (detailed) general information about Amstrad/Scheider printers, see:

DMP4000 Mechanics.jpg




  • DMP3000 announced in ACU Oct 1986, page 5.
  • DMP2000/DMP3000 Adverts in ACU 87-04 page 7, ACU 87-05 page 49, ACU 87-06 page 23.

User Manuals

Service Manuals


  • DMP3000 ROM Image (32K EPROM, not including the 4K ROM located inside of the CPU) (dumped from a spanish printer, but should be same for all countries)