Data Media Memory Expansion

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A memory expansion by German manufacturer Data Media. This device is rare. Five versions exist:

 64K RAM  (non-expandable)     (128.- DM)
 64K RAM  (expandable to 512K) (198.- DM)
 128K RAM (expandable to 512K) (298.- DM)
 256K RAM (expandable to 512K) (398.- DM)
 512K RAM (fully expanded)     (498.- DM)

The SP64 Expansion is similair to expansions by Vortex Computersysteme as the expansion is installed inside the CPC. Like the the Vortex expansion this device is intended for the CPC464 computer. It is not known if the Data Media expansion is compatible with the Vortex SP64 counterpart. But it is known that it is not compatible to the Dk'tronics-style Standard Memory Expansions.

Not much is known about this hardware, please write more!


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