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Demoware was a megademo by the Bitmap Vandals. Coded by Obi and LDC, it was a poor production with much ripped code. Release date: 19 January 1992.


  • Part 1 consisted of a badly-drawn "Bitmap Vandals" logo with some pretty circling rasters behind, and some hacked music. This would have been quite good, except that it was blatantly ripped from a demo by Cach.
  • Part 2 displayed Gremlin and Ocean logos, as "thanks" for using their music. The colours chosen were completely inappropriate, as a result of Obi drawing them on a green-screen monitor, 'phoning up Wild Thang for "transcriptions", and deliberately being given the wrong values.
  • Part 3 showed a less than great Demoware logo, with the music from WEC Le Mans. It then turned into a flickery Vorspann demo without a scroll text.
  • Part 4 started with a picture of a red sports car - credited to Obi "92 (sic), but actually ripped from a Tim Blackbond slideshow. The headlights flashed on and off by repeatedly decompressing two screens. Music was by Weee!, but had been so badly hacked that half of the instrument sounds were knackered. Obi claimed that it was a remix.
  • Part 5 was pretty much the same, but with a picture of a girl with golf clubs sticking out of her head, bizarrely. Quite well-drawn, but the wrong colours again...
  • Part 6 was a Vorspann demo "by" LDC (David Long), with a revolting "Magic Demo" logo.
  • Part 7 was an all-time classic. There was a 16x16 scroll with music, supposedly coded by Obi. However, if you took a sector editor to it, you found that Obi's scrolltext was inexplicably followed by a short section of German, crediting the 42-Crew. Surely it couldn't have been ripped? On pressing a key, a Vorspann scroll started up, followed by the 16x16 scroll again with Obi's memorable offer to swap his GT65 for your CTM644.
  • Finally, part 8 was a credits message with (gasp) Vorspann rasters behind it.


In the never-released issue 9 of Artificial Intelligence, a review of Demoware contained this classic quote:

"Bitmap Vandals Demoware has been variously described as crap, shite, utter toss and the best program in Demon PD"


A parody of Demoware was released called Demowank, which was effectively the same demo but with altered scrolltexts.