Dobbertin EPROM 224

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EPROM-Karte 224 is a rombox, manufactured by Dobbertin, capacity is 7x32K (=224K) max.

Technical Specifications

Allows up to 7 roms of type 27128 or type 27256 to be connected to the CPC.

This rombox allows individual settings for each rom(via a jumper block). This way the rombox has a maximum capacity of 224Kb (7*32Kb). Also individual roms can be turned on/off by setting a jumper.

Testing indicates normal decoding is done of the ROM select I/O port: e.g. Bit 13=0, all others are ignored. In addition, ROM select IDs do not repeat, so that a ROM in slot 1, only exists in this slot and no others.



Other Dobbertin rombords

A unidentified romboard by Dobbertin

There existed other romboards manufactured by Dobbertin Little is know of them!