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Donut System was a group created by Slice. Although he'd just been accepted into The Firm, he decided to create his own group.

Member list

  • BoGGer! (Justin Williams) (graphist, swapper)
  • Maniac (Jon Woodley) (coder, graphist, swapper)
  • Shades (Robert Sparrow) (musician, swapper, PD librarian (RSPD))
  • Slice (Tom Dean) (disczine editor, swapper, coder)
  • Three (Andrew Thelwell) (Amiga - graphist and editor of the unreleased discmag DMA (Donut Mag Amiga))

Disc and Tom-Pouce (editor of Eurostrad) agreed to join, but they didn't really want affiliation with a group.

Incomplete list of released Donut System productions

List of Donut System meetings

  • Sewerside Meeting (Summer 1995 - Shades, BoGGer!, Slice)
  • BePSiL Meeting (Winter 1995-1996 - BoGGer!, Slice, Three)
  • Mini Milk Meeting (Spring 1996 - BoGGer!, Slice, Dynamo)
  • Spoon? Meeting (Summer 1996 - Shades, BoGGer!, Slice, Nich, Dynamo, Three)