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Slice was a member of the English CPC scene. Before becoming aware of the European scene, he made some games and disczines. After, he was invited to join The Firm, but formed Donut System instead. Malfunction and KOD inspired him to program in machine code (Malfunction even photocopied out a 200 page machine code book for him). He left the scene in 1996, shortly after Eliot and Villain invited him to join Benediction. In Summer 1997 he started programming again earnestly, messing about with full MC routines (including raster scrolls) and coding the demo B-Boy, inspired by a graphic by BoGGer! (of a bee having a bad dream about a folded up newspaper). This was his first fully machine code demo, but although it all worked he never crunched and linked it (with Antoine's S-DAF Expander) and Slice eventually didn't have enough time for the CPC again.

He also produced a number of cracks, under different pseudos like Mongrel, The Compi Killer and TUH (The Unbeatable Haggis).

I'll put a program list in when I can be bothered.