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Malfunction (Malcolm Dowse) was a coder and member of The Firm. Initially writing the rather simple looking BASIC game The Smiley Affair, he raised his game at a rate of knots. He was going to code Bad Mag issue three but left the scene shortly after coding half of it, giving the unreleased texts to Slice to use in Donut Mag. He was also responsible for the coding of the routine that displayed bold, italic, and double height text in Donut Mag.

Possibly incomplete list of releases

  • Bad Mag issue three taster (A demo to garner interest for Bad Mag issue three)
  • Battle Spheres (Two player game that came after The Smiley Affair - due to people raving about the intro which was a huge step from his previous production, he assumed people didn't actually like his game but only liked the intro, which was false)
  • The Smiley Affair (Excellent two player game)
  • A demo part for the unreleased Take Off Megademo 2