Fixing the power switch

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If the CPC doesn't switch on and the power led doesn't light then it's very likely to be the power switch. This is an easy fix on all CPCs.

  • On CPC464 and CPC664 the power switch is screwed to the case. It also has a silver metal bracket on it.
  • First undo the screws and remove it from the case. (CPC464 and CPC664). For CPC6128 lift it out of the plastic bracket.
  • Disconnect it from the motherboard.
  • Now undo the screws to release the bracket (CPC464 and CPC664). You may find one screw is easy and the other is hard, so after first is removed, twist the switch and the other will release.
  • On the front of the switch there is a black plate which wraps around and clips on. Gently prise the corners up using a flat head screwdriver. Then when you've done enough put the flathead screwdriver between it and the case and gently prise it some more. If you break this, then the switch is almost useless.
  • Once done, gently take it off and remove plastic switch part.
  • Inside there is a metal strip. Remove this careful and clean underneath it. You can sand it a little if the connections are dirty. One connection near the middle and a round one at the other end.
  • When you're done, fold some sandpaper and gently sand the two connectors inside the switch. Clean them with WD40 or similar too.
  • When you're happy, put the metal strip back in. Making sure it sits correctly (there are two notches in the metal strip, and these sit inside the middle connection bit.
  • Now hold the plastic switch bit in place so that it is in the off position.
  • Put the black metal plate think back on. Using needle nose pliers you can squeeze the sides so it starts to grip again.
  • Check the switch works and listen to it click.
  • Now put the bracket back on (cpc464 and cpc664).
  • Now fix back to the CPC case (cpc464 and cpc664) or put into it's plastic bracket (CPC6128).
  • Switch on CPC and see the power led come on. Lets hope that was all that was the problem ;)