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The FutureOS Monitor is a small built in machine monitor of the FutureOS operating system. It contains basic functions to access (expansion) memory and the Porting system to comfortably access all the CPCs I/O ports. When using FutureOS for the CPC Plus you can also access all memory mapped I/O (hardware sprites, DMA-sound, soft scrolling etc.).


  • Dump RAM, ROM, expansion RAM or memory mapped I/O (CPC Plus)
  • Edit RAM, expansion RAM or memory mapped I/O (CPC Plus)
  • Access all I/O ports of the CPC and external hardware
  • Edit Z80 registers (previously to calling an machine program). This includes the first and second register set, both index registers, the stack pointer, R and I
  • Configure RAM, ROM, I/O for other functions
  • Move block of memory, ROM, RAM, expansion RAM
  • Initialize block of memory with an 8 or 16 bit value, RAM, expansion RAM
  • Call a machine program or OS function
  • Exit, brings you back to the Desktop



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