Future View IV

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The fourth issue of the disc-mag FutureView contains articles about:

  • Product-ID satire
  • Z-Fest 2004
  • VCFe 5.0 2005
  • Berg-Meeting 2005
  • CPC Demo/FX ideas
  • XzentriX 2004
  • CPC-Welcome
  • CPC@work 2005
  • The Castle Meeting 2005.

The fourth issue was special in some ways:

  • The first time the different languages (German, English and French) had to be seperated, due to the big size of the articles and pictures. FutureView uses the Vortex format with it's 704 KB, but this was still not enough. Well, it was faster to create discs in different languages, than to introduce a sophisticated crunching system. And since TFM doesn't want any money for his productions, time is always a critical factor.
  • Further this issue had a special loading screen (see upper picture), that provides a small picture and a personal message to all registred FutureOS users. FutureOS users with their own serial number get their personalized FutureView this way.
  • Aside articles and pictures the disc contains source code for fast and easy management of the nvRAM of the SYMBiFACE II and the EEROM of the CPC Booster. The underlying data structures should be commonly used to stay compatible.


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