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FutureView is a disc mag published by TFM of FutureSoft.

It runs under FutureOS.

Up to now four issues have been published in various languages.

A fifth issue is planned to be released at Helloween (but the year is still unknown).



  • FutureView issues are released on 3.5" or 5.25" discs (or DSK images) in Vortex format, which provides 704 KB space.
  • The articles can contain text, tables, semigraphic characters and bitmap graphics.
  • FutureView uses a character set of 9 bit height, which provides a better legibility than the usual 8 bit height character sets.
  • FV uses connected expansion RAM, in this case it loads all data at once and no reload is needed while using FV. This makes sense since all the FV issues contain a lot of texts and graphics.

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