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Based heavilly on Octoate's Infobox template but updated to reflect additional information captured on the offline CPC Gamebase that I'm currently working on, this will hopefully lead to the evolution of how game data is captured in the wiki.

Gamebase Entry test
Titlescreen of the game
Release 1988
Publisher Electric Dreams
Developer Irem
Programmer Keith A. Goodyer
Musician Richard Stevenson
Artist Keith A. Goodyer
Genre Shoot-em-up
Players 1P Only
Controls Keyboard Joystick
Language Language:english
Media disk Cassette
Compatability 464, 664, 6128 & Plus
Magazine Reviews ??% in Amstrad Action Issue ??, etc.


  • A brief outline of the type of game and its impact. In this case a seminal Japanese shoot-em-up famed for its larger than life end of level bosses and tough blasting action.


  • Usually taken straight from the inlay text this is the nonsense story behind the reason for the game

Screenshots & Videos

  • A gallery of in-game Screenshots

Re-releases and Compilations

  • Information about re-releases of the game

Hints & Tips

  • Hints, Tips & Playing Guides for the game.


  • Any other tidbits of info about the game including release info for other machines.


  • Any other materials e.g. Coverscans, Manuals, Media scans etc.


  • Links to other sites on the web with informaiton about the game