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Title screen

Hostages is a computer game by Infogrames first released in 1988 and released for the CPC in 1990. Alternate names are Operation Jupiter in France and Hostage: Rescue Mission.

The goal is to free hostages held by terrorists in an embassy. There are three game stages: a side-scrolling section to get the snipers into position, then the snipers shooting through the embassy windows, and finally an ego shooter-like section in the building.

Aside from the fact that Hostages was one of the forerunners of modern FPS games (although in fact in Hostages it is an over-the-shoulder, third person view in that section), the 2013 game Grand Theft Auto V has a remarkably similar mission that plays almost like an homage to Hostages with the helicopter, rappelling down the building, and another player acting as a sniper. It just ends a bit differently (you escape by helicopter). So Hostages has not just been influential in terms of its general concept, but also with its gameplay details, e.g. the switching between the different characters inside and outside the building to solve the game.


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