Howto: Alkatraz and other protections

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Ok, you will find here the settings i use in order to transfer alkatraz protected tapes with no problems :


- Contrôle de lecture means 'read control' in english

- Wave/mp3 is easy to translate

- Synth midi too

- Microphone must be muted

- entrée de ligne means 'in-line'

Once you have done this, Please use GOLDWAVE, and check this second pictures below :


-in line must be put to 50% and used (click select)


- Now, the most top button must be put to 76%, the one below for balance to 0%, and the third to speed = 1.00

Ok, and more than everything, on your tape recorder, put the volume slider to 50,

considering the range goes from 0 to 100.

Use then *.WAV format, 44khz, 8 bits mono, and try to dump a cassette.

It should work 100 % unless you have an error on tape.