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Hi, I am Dimitrios Karalis and I am very happy being part of the CPCWiki community. I live in Athens and I was born in 1974. During the period 1987-1995 I developed several applications for the CP/M-80 and the CPC6128. To name a few: Hotel Manager, Technical Dictionary, CPCWrite, Basket Game Monitoring Tool, Music Metronome, Doctor's Database and Mission1990 (a text adventure game similar to the games of Magnetic Scroll). However, I never managed to release any of them! Notice that the standard CPC6128 was my main computer for my studies in the University. In 2002 I fitted a 3.5” and a 5.25” floppy drive in my old CPC6128, purchased a few external ROMs, some RAM expansion, a printer, an AMX mouse, a CTM monitor, an RS232C and a reset button. Thus the new CPC era had begun! In 2005 I released my first demo, the Monkey Island 2 (see cpcrulez.fr), a 600 KB screen demo on the basis of the well known famous adventure game. Nowadays, I am mainly interested in collecting all CP/M-80 applications and OverScan Demos for the CPC.

COSMOS, the personal cost monitoring system, which runs under CP/M-80 was my biggest project for the CPC.

COSMOS v.27 was released in November 2021. The project is completed.

And Yes, you can also find me in Pixel Greek magazine (N.60, page 32)...!.