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Hi, I am Dimitrios Karalis and I am very happy being part of the CPCWiki community. I live in Athens and I was born in 1974.

During the period 1987-1995 I developed several applications for the CP/M-80 and the CPC. To name a few: Hotel Manager, Technical Dictionary, CPCWrite, Basket Game Editor Tool, Music Metronome, Doctor's Database and Mission1990 (a Magnetic Scroll's type text adventure game). However, I never managed to release any of them! In 2002 I fitted a 3.5” and a 5.25” floppy drive in my old CPC, purchased a few external roms, some ram expansion, a printer, an AMX mouse, a CTM monitor an RS232C and a reset button. Thus the new CPC era had begun! In 2005 I released my first demo, the Monkey Island II, a 600 KB screen demo on the basis of the well known famous adventure game.

COSMOS, the personal cost monitoring system, which runs under CP/M-80 is my biggest project for the CPC.

COSMOS v.25 was released in July 2020!.