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My CPC still fully active

I live in Athens and I was born in 1974. During the period 1987-1992 I developed several small-scale applications for the CP/M-80 and the CPC6128. The Pixel magazine (see N.60, page 32, CAT problems) was the inspirational guide for all this work! Nowadays I have got a 6128 with a CTM and GT monitor, a double 3.5”/5.25” floppy drive unit, ParaDOS, X-DDOS and R-DOS ROMs, Dobbertin 512 KB RAM expansion, an EPSON LX printer, an AMX mouse, a RS232C, a KONIX Joystick and a hand made reset button soldered on a faulty RS232 interface.

In my opinion, the CPC6128 was the best 8-bit micro because of its CP/M-80 business applications, its colorful overscan games/demos and its expansion capabilities. So I am mainly interested on those three categories!

In 2005 I released my first demo, the The Monkey Island II Demo. I still develop (MS-DOS like) programs for the CP/M-80 and the CPC just for fun and in order to deal with some of my everyday problems (budget, car maintenance, etc). COSMOS, the personal cost monitoring system (which also includes ASCII Tools) was my biggest project for the CPC (2005-2021). In June 2024 (40 years of CPC, 50 years of CP/M-80) On File database management system as well as the No One Like You Demo were released for the CP/M-80 and the CPC respectively.