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Knightmare by Mastertronic / Activision

Knightmare is a game by Mastertronic / Activision


Title: Knightmare
Company: Mastertronic / Activision
Type: Adventure
Year: 1987


The aim of the game here is to explore the dungeon you have found yourself in and destroy the evil dragon.

Game Play

As the game takes place in a maze like dungeon, you must find your way around - solving various puzzles, collecting different objects in order to progress in the game. The puzzles may consist of answering questions in order to move on or actually using certain objects in order to get another object which can be used to proceed further.

Some useful objects include food, water, gold and a sword. Rocks can be thrown and the sword can be used to kill enemies. While you are running around time slowly burns away (represented by a candle) - and when the candle has burned down, it is game over.

In addition to using the joystick to move around, you can also use the keyboard to access all the menu driven functions, such as Take, Give, Use, ec etc which form part of the game. You also can ask the Dungeon Master or the Oracles any questions along the way - sometimes they are not very helpful though.