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Komputer is a very popular computer magazine in Poland. It's still published, with name changed to "PC-World Komputer", after it was merged with polish edition of PC-World, when IDG bought out the orginal Publisher.


(Actually, I don't remember most of it, so I'll have to make a little research and expand this article later)

When in 1986, The Bajtek magazine was taken over by the "Sztandar Młodych"(Youth Banner). Some members of the redaction didn't like it and decided to create they own computer magazine. After a little "war" with the office of censorship in getting the "debit" for the new publication, and finding paper(learning from the previous expierences, this time they didn't borrow it, instead taking provisions on they own), the "Komputer" was started.

After the changes of year 1989, The so-called(in Poland) "western companies", had started to invest in Poland(Actually, some of them had invested in Poland before that, even computer companies. For instance, Atari was planing to start mounting of 8-bit Ataris in Poland in 1986-88, but due to the lame "firms" in Poland at that time, in the end it come to nothing). In the year 1990, also the world known IDG looked to start a polish division of their corporation. They had started IDG Poland Sp. z o.o. and started to make provisions for polish "PC-World". But after making some research, they had undertood, that actually, they have a very little understanding of polish computer market, with almost no software hauses, so-called "private import" rangeing to 60% of total computers bouth in Poland, the "proffessional" usage of 8-bit machines here and there, and many other peculiarities of polish market, most of them related to former communism.

With that, they decided that instead of learning trial and error, they will buy know-how from somebody else. The Komputer, beining the similar market profile of PC-World, seamed a natural choice, so they had bouth it.

The PC-World Komputer is still published and is a best-selling montly computer magazine in Poland(there is better selling one, but it is published every two weeks, from montly published, PC-World Komputer is biggest, the second is polish edition of Chip).