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Loriciels (or Loriciel as it was re-branded later) was a French company which started its developments on ORIC computers, hence the name L-ORIC-IELS, a pun as "logiciel" is the french word for "software"

As a French company, they released a lot on Amstrad CPC, and even for the PLUS range, with some (good) Cartridge games.

They also released educational softwares and serious applications.

They also used Crossdev on many games to get similar graphics on Thomson computers, PC, Atari ST and Amstrad versions.

The company's first name was Loriciels (plural), in 1990 they changed their name to the singular Loriciel version and their logo from the cute white cat to the bad luck black cat.

They went on bankrupt in 1992.

Hardware Releases for CPC


Software Releases for CPC

Releases for GX4000/PLUS (cartridges)

Releases with PLUS features