MMcR Format

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MMcR Format or Marc Mc Ready Format is an ultrafast and comfortable tool to format a huge bunch of discs in data or system format. It runs under FutureOS.

Options, Format:

  • Data Format
  • System Format

After the start of the program you first select the target drive for A to H. You can use all drives connected to the internal FDC and all drives that may be connected to the external Vortex FDC. After the selection of the drive you select the format (1=Data, 2=System) for the disc. Validate your selection with RETURN. Select Automatic or Keypress... that's it.

Now the disc gets formatted, after that you get a message, get your disc out and insert the next disc, you don't have to press any keys; the program regognizes a new disc. To end the batch formatting just press the ESC key.