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Magic Dos V1.0 is a set of routines coded by Longshot in 1986.

When MagicDos is installed, it sets Amsdos to manage a 80 track drive B (5"1/4 or 3"1/2) with 410 Kb by side (820 Kb by disk). It creates a dummy file (-MAGDOS-.410*) on the disk to save the extra directory space.

Magic Dos is composed of a menu with 3 options :

Format a side in drive B in 410 Kb (e.g. 10 sectors x 512 bytes x 82 tracks)

Copy a file from drive A to drive B (for a standard or Magdos disk in drive B)

Install Magic Dos

It's possible to init the Magdos from a program directly on a Magdos disk. The program must contain the following sequence :


The program which contains that sequence must be little and saved as the first file on the disk.

Download Magic Dos

This format is fully compatible with DSK emulator files.