Maurice Aime les Bobs

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Maurice Aime les Bobs is a demo that was programmed by Megachur and released in January 2006, with graphics by Super Sylvestre of Les Sucres en Morceaux.

Megachur programmed the demo in response to a challenge set by Ramlaid of Arkos in his 2004 demo, Garcimore Aime les Balls, which features 20 balls, 16×16 pixels in size, moving around the screen at 50 frames per second - a record for the Amstrad CPC at the time. Megachur improved on this, and Maurice Aime les Bobs displays and animates 26 balls, 16×16 pixels in size, over a background and with music playing, while running at 50 frames per second. This record stood until the release of Boules et Bits by Hicks eight months later, in September 2006.