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The Meg Ryan Sample Demo (MRSD) is a demonstration of overscan graphic and a digitized sound sample. Since it needs to load about half a MB of data it was made for FutureOS. Features are:

  • Quick loading speed from disc
  • Expansion RAM management
  • Overscan GFX
  • Digiblaster Sound Output

To run properly, it needs:

  • FutureOS old system 0.4 up to 0.7. Not new system 0.8 or later.
  • 384 KB of expansion RAM
  • Digiblaster


The MRSD loads a 368 KB sample file (18 seconds from disc, 4 seconds from HD20 hard-disc), then the sample is played at 14 MHz. The sample itself is 8 bit deep. It's release date was around 1994.