Mimo's Quest

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Mimo's Quest is an adventure game for the Amstrad CPC range of computers. Mimo has wandered away from his island home and gotten lost, and the player must guide him through strange lands and undertake various quests in order for him to find his way back again.

Mimo's Quest is written by Chris Perver in Z80 assembly using the WinAPE CPC emulator as an assembler. The game is currently in an unfinished state, awaiting the development of a proper story line, quests and sound effects, though the game world itself and quest and inventory management system is functioning properly. The game is made in the style of Zelda, with lands to explore, characters to talk to, quests to fulfil and items to collect. The author also drew inspiration for the game world from reading of the Oliver Twins and their efforts to create a pseudorandomly generated world game called Excalibar.

The source code for Mimo's Quest has been made available on the author's website (https://www.evenmore.co.uk/mimosquest.htm) for those who wish to learn Z80 programming on the Amstrad or see how a game is written. A disk version is currently available to download, and a tape version with inlay card will follow once the game is complete.