Mittwintermeeting 2

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The Freusburg in Kirchen/Germany

After the first Mittwintermeeting 1 started the CPC year 2006, the Mittwintermeeting 2 ended it. Again the Freusburg castle has been choosen as the party place, which was built around 1200.


  • Dr.Zed delivered the last missing SYMBiFACE II cards of the first batch. A lot of additional cards of the second batch were nearly finished.
  • Presentations of two very different and interesting Z80 machines: A Northern Star CP/M computer by Ogge (one of the first Z80 computers ever) and a MSX TurboR by Prodatron (the most powerful mass-produced Z80-based computer ever).
  • Multitasking Pac-Man multi player competition
  • Dance Dance Revolution competition