Mittwintermeeting 5

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The Mittwintermeeting has its fifth birthday this time and has grown to a small and nice InterSystem-Meeting.
With the last editions of the Meeting, more and more members from other retroComputer scenes joined us.
For now, we cover Amstrad, Atari, Acorn and Commodore. Looking forward to grow even further :)

As in the last time, the party will be held in a blockhouse directly at the eastborder of the Westerwald in Kirchen / Germany.
Like everytime everyone who is interested in old homecomputers is very welcome!

The Meeting took place from 29. to 31. Jan 2010

The Party-Place

DRK Vereinshaus Kirchen
An der Buswende (Dorfstraße 80)
57548 Kirchen
GeoCoords: (longitude/latitude) :  7°54'40.84"E , 50°48'49.74"N

If you have any more questions please email me at  mittwinter (at) dr-zed (dot) de !


  • Hotel "zum weißen Stein" (double bedroom EUR 93,50)
  • bring your own Airbed and sleep at the party place (EUR 0)