One Man And His Droid

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One man and his droid by Mastertronic

One man and his droid is a game by Mastertronic


Title: One man and his droid
Author: Clive Brooker
Company: Mastertronic
Type: Platform
Year: 1985


Time is against you in your efforts to round up the alien sheep and to teleport them back to earth in this fast moving colourful arcade/strategy game. Fortunately, your faithful droid who can fly, dig and tunnel is by your side. You are on the planet Andromadous and you and your droid must round up all of the Ramboids in all 20 caverns (levels) in order to complete the game.

Game Play

Each cavern (level) begins with you trying to get through a screen of Ramboids going in all directions. This can slow you down a bit - once you make it through this, the level really begins. Time is always ticking though, so you can't sit around idling. Each level gets bigger and more complex. The aim in each level is get round up all of the Ramboids - now you need to capture them in a way that meets the criteria for level completion. This usually is something like 'at least 4 in the correct order'. On one side of your screen is the order in which the Ramboids need to be rounded up, on the other side is where your collected Ramboids will show up. The Ramboids move around freely and sometimes will find your Ramboid trap without you even trying to round them up. This can wreak havoc on your attempt to round them up in a particular order. When ever you bump into a Ramboid, it changes direction, so using various movement techniques you can coerce a Ramboid to move in a certain way. You also can fly above them, and dig to sink under them. Tunnelling can be useful as well, which clears walls down and allows greater movement, shortcuts etc.

As the levels progress, it does get harder and harder to round up the Ramboids in the correct order, the good thing is, you can start at a higher level - as you are given a password if you complete a level satisfactorily.