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PC-CPC is a small CPC 6128 emulator written by Demoniak, running under Win32. It's written entirely in C.


  • Can uses Hard disk of the PC for reading/writting cpc files and uses features of the emulator in Basic
  • Can use a special rom witch contains RSX for fast packing/unpacking
  • Can read directly a bitmap file and convert it to the CPC screen format
  • Can play SymbOS VID video files with special RSX commands
  • Expansion ROMs
  • Supports DSK disc images (one drive)
  • Supports WAV for reading/writting tape-images
  • Support SNA (snapshots)
  • Joystick support
  • Bitmap (BMP) recorder
  • AVI recorder
  • YM recorder
  • window or fullscreen mode

You can find it here : Amstradeus

In the download section : Download