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Questor by Cascade

Questor is a game by Cascade Games


Title: Questor
Company: Cascade Games
Type: Arcade
Year: 1986


You are QUESTOR - and only you have The Power. The Power and the will to deliver your Kingdom from the evil Garr. For Garr would destroy all that stands between himself and domination. But you are strong with The Power. You can use The Power and enter where fear defeats the weak spirit. In the service of your master you must enter The Catacombs of Garr and face the dangers within. For it is your destiny that you have been chosen to locate the daughter of The Nawab and free her from the terrors of the darkness. Use your Power wisely for you mind is a weapon - fight when you must - hide when you can - but find The Key and Garr will be destroyed. A fully animated Arcade Adventure, Questor will test the mind as well as your reflexes. You are placed in a world which you must explore and map if you are to stand any chance of success. Locations are reproduced in stunning full colour graphics and new dangers are waiting around every corner. Expect the unexpected!

Game Play

You control Questor around a labyrinth who floats on a magic carpet. There are various nasty to avoid - some kill you instantly, others take energy away from you. There are plenty of objects and puzzles to solve to proceed further into the game. You will find entrances to other parts of the game blocked by barriers or beings. You need a certain object in order to gain access. One object (magic pearls for example) gives you limited firepower to clear some of the nasties. Loads and loads of red-herring objects! A fun little game.




Cheat mode / Hints

1 :' Questor-tape
2 :' by Graham Smith
3 :' Infinite Energy/Lives
10 FOR j=0 TO 10:READ a$
20 POKE &BE90+j,VAL("&"+a$)
30 NEXT j:CLS:a=48850
40 LOAD"casrun",a
50 POKE &BEF1,24
60 POKE &BEF2,149
70 CALL a
80 DATA 3e,c9,32,17,75,32
90 DATA 82,75,c3,70,6e

Game Hints:

  • Pearls open the gateway near the start screen. Be careful though, you could get 'locked' in or out - so manage that part carefully (limited number of pearls so don't waste them).
  • Magic Dust - kills some of the nasties.
  • Large Key (mauve) - opens door where circle is found
  • Cup - opens door to get access to dungeon
  • Diamond Ring - kills spiders where circle is found
  • Poison - kills bats
  • Basket - opens wall to get to key piece
  • Sheers - Opens section of wall
  • Cross - opens door with small cross on door handle
  • Potions (2 of them) - Kills stationary grim reapers
  • Magic Wand - Kills white woman near entrance to princess cage
  • Hexagon, Square, Circle, Triangle - gets you access to the feather
  • Feather - kills the blue bats in order to get access to giant key start-section (piece #1)
  • Sand timer - allows access to the Bauble
  • Bauble - opens box to get access to giant key mid-section (piece #2)
  • Lamp - opens box to get access to giant end-key section (piece #3)