RAM7 Cartridge Hacker

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A peripheral by RAM7

A peripheral by RAM7 that allow to hack cartridges for the CPC+, from the original cartridges to disk. Available formats are .CPR (129 Kb on disc) or 8 files labelled .C80 to .C87 (17Kb on disc each).

Basically it is a modification of the RAMCard to use it as a cartridge and 4 games can be stored in the internal memory. The 4 games are then selected with 2 switches.

It plugs to the expansion port of the Plus and replaces the ROM from the cartridge, but still uses the ACID. So the Plus can boot under BASIC while a game-cartridge is in the expnasion port.

This device use a RAM instead of a ROM, so, like the RAMCard, you can replace the content and use it as a development tool to create code that will later be burned on a real ROM to put in a cartridge.

Note it will not allow you to use cartridges without an ACID chip, but it will allow you to load a ROM dump from disk and play any ROM game this way.

Not much is known of this interface please add here!