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RODOS was a high-capacity disc operating system released by Romantic Robot, whose main aim was to allow you to make use of the extra capacity on 3.5in discs. It shipped on a single 16k sideways ROM.

Unlike other similar DOSses (ParaDOS, MS800, S-DOS, ROMDOS), RODOS aimed to do significantly more than provide new, high-capacity formats. Among its features were:

  • Long filenames (no restriction to 8.3 format)
  • Hierarchical subdirectories
  • 'Autorun' facility (automatically loads DISC., DISC.BAS or DISC.BIN if present)

Unlike ParaDOS and ROMDOS, RODOS was not a modified version of the original AMSDOS code: its disc access routines were all new.

However, despite its advanced features, RODOS never gained much of a foothold. This is commonly attributed to the fact that it took up substantially more RAM workspace than AMSDOS, thereby lowering HIMEM and making it incompatible with much software.


(From the publicity)

RODOS Extra is on disc and need RODOS on ROM.

It offers nearly 200ks of valuable information how to get the most out of RODOS, with examples of RODOS applications ranging from simple to complex such as a Disk Doctor or IBM MSDOS Disk Reader. The indispensable extra.


Roms (Version 2.11 EPROM Image) (Version 2.13 EPROM Image) (Version 2.15 EPROM Image)

RODOS217.ROM (Version 2.17 EPROM Image) (Version 2.19 EPROM Image)



RODOS Manual (pdf)