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Previously kown as the Amstrad Expo, theReSet CPC-Party is/was an exclusive Amstrad CPC / PLUS Demoparty set in Coutances, Normandie, North-West France.


Traditionally the biggest Amstrad CPC event held in France in general, it is the following act of the Amstrad Expo.

Most active compos are for Graphics and music, but Demos and intros may have compo as well.

The main man behind the organization of this event is Eliot from Benediction.

the 30 Years Amstrad Megademo was released there.

Time Line

2011 : ReSet #0

  • Barjack, Beb, Camillo, Cloudstrife, Eliot, Exin, Fano, Genesis8, Giguoz, Grim, Hicks, Krusty, PlumeArgentee, Power, Pulkomandy, Ram7, Rouquemoute, Shap, Slikke, Supersly, Tom&Jerry.

2012 : ReSet #8

  • Alex, Beb, Breiztiger, CeD, Cloudstrife, Dafy, Dave Braco, Eliot, Fano, Fredouille, Garett, Genesis8, Hicks, Kawickboy, Krusty, MaV, OffseT, Pulkomandy, Tom&Jerry, TotO, Vanessa, Voxfreax

2013 : ReSet #10

  • Barjack, Beb, Breiztiger, CeD, Cloudstrife, Eliot, Fano, Garett, Genesis8, Grim, Hicks, Jede, Kawickboy, Kris, Krusty, MikeZT, OffseT, Pulkomandy, Rouquemoute, Supersly, Targhan, Tom&Jerry, TotO, Zik

2014 : ReSet #18

  • Beb, Breiztiger, Cloudstrife, Dom908, Eliot, Genesis8, Gregory, Hicks, iXien, Madram, Supersly, Targhan, Tom&Jerry, TotO, XavSnap

2015 : ReSet #20

  • AsT, Barjack, Beb, Breiztiger, CeD, CSKi, Dom908, Eliot, Genesis8, Hicks, Kawickboy, Kris, MacDeath, Madram, Overflow, Pulkomandy, Slyder, Supersly, Targhan, Tom&Jerry, TotO, XavSnap, Zisquier

2016 : ReSet #28