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Revision is an annual international Demoparty set in Saarbrüken in Germany.

Actually one of the biggest European Demoparty (if not THE biggest). And has many in common with a mundane Rave-Party.

Amstrad Productions were released in the Oldskool compositions during the 2010s era and would often be ranked on the podium, and a growing community of Amstrad users would regularly attend the event, be it to release something or just enjoy some Curry-Wurst and drink a few WeissBier.

Timeline and Releases





  • Still Rising by Vanity  : ranked 2nd in oldskool demo
  • The full Oldskool Demo compo 2013 : check at 33:17.



  • Breaking Baud by crtc & 3ln : : ranked 2nd in oldskool demo
  • The full Oldskool Demo compo 2014 : check at 13:58.



  • only beers and wurst.


  • long time not seen, Amstrad.


This year's Oldskool Demo compo was literally stolen by the massively acclaimed Overdrive 2, by TITAN on Sega MegaDrive, and the general level in the Oldskool compo was judged impressive by many commenters and deemed a huge highlight of the whole event, with awesome demos on Atari VCS2600, AppleIIgs or Atari Lynx as well. Still an Amstrad Demo managed to be on the top podium despite a brutally fierce competition. The Live Twitch hosts were litterally rendered speechless after the Amstrad CPC performance that followed an already impressive Atari VCS 2600, they provided many things on screen judged impossible on these formats. Then Sega MegaDrive's entrance with its massive work in tunes and graphics finished to impress everyones and could also have raped the whole Amiga compo as well.

  • The full Oldskool Demo compo 2017 : check at 10:50.



The Revision2018 saw a new step in Amstrad entries, participation and results. 2 entries in oldskool graphics, 2 entries in oldskool demo and 1 entrie in oldskool intro, with a final total of 3 prizes.

  • Smile ! by Beb/Vanity: ranked 3rd in Oldskool Graphics.
  • Inversio_8102 by CeD/Condense: ranked 4th in Oldskool Graphics.
    • The full Oldskool Demo compo 2018. Check at 5:35 (Onescreen Colonies) and 25:20 (phX)



There were 4 Amstrad CPC productions this year. Also Pinball Dreams could be played at the Amstrad user's corner. The Third Kind by Vanity managed to be 3rd in its category being the only CPC production's podium this year.

Ranked 11th/15.

Ranked 6th/15.

  • Oldskool Graphics : Brutal Deluxe, Amstrad CPC Graphics by Beb from Vanity.

Ranked 6th/13

Ranked 3rd/10 Bronze Winner.

    • OldSkool Revision 2019 compo video link :


The Revision 2020 edition was marked by covid-19 crisis world event. It was a remote and streamed online Twitch event, which is better than nothing and the pinnacle of Sofa-Scene. This edition saw 2 Amstrad CPC productions being prized.

  • Oldskool Graphics : Killing Oldschool, Amstrad CPC Graphics by Beb from Vanity.

Ranked 5th/12

Ranked 1st, Gold Winner.

Ranked 3rd / 9, Bronze Winner.


Again a "SOFASCENE" remote edition because of Covid-19 crisis. Featured a twitch ban/strike for the Revision party twitch channel. Oldskool Demo category had 15 entries and 1 Amstrad entry that won 2nd place (Silver medal). No other Amstrad entry this year. Rexbeng made graphics for a C64 game though (Moonspire 2, ranked 3rd).

Ranked 2nd/15, Silver Winner.