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Overflow in 1992

Overflow (Olivier Gout) was a coder of the Logon System group. He has released 2 first demos under the name Croco 21 and has integrated the team in 1990. His first demo as a member of Logon System was S&KOH, an astonishing piece of hardware code using a new hardware trick he had called rvi to extend line-to-line splitting technique. In 2001, Olivier came back on the CPC with an amazing demo called Backtro.

He is somewhat active again past 2011 with a few releases at demoparties, for CPC or even MSX.

He attended many private miniparties or more public parties such as Alchimie and µAlchimie, ReSet or Revision during the 2010s.

Official releases

Back from retirement : the foolish competition era, the legend still goes on

2012 : Yet Another Plasma!

Amstrad CPC 4k demo/intro, released in october 2012.

POUËT : http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=60660

2015 : iO

MSX demo released in march 2015 at Forever 2015 : 8bit demo, ranked : 1st (gold prize)

Nominee for the meteorik awards 2015 : "that's not possible on this platform!"

POUËT : http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=65232

2017 : Logon's run - 3D meets the aging bits

Amstrad CPC 128k RAM, 22k Demo released in april 2017 at Revision 2017 : oldskool demo, ranked : 2nd (silver prize)

Nominee for the sir_garbagetruck brain meltdown on Twitch live contest.


POUËT : http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=69651

2017 : Eerie Forest

Overflow [code, etc] ; TotO [help]

GX4000 / 6128PLUS / 464PLUS cartridge in 512Ko ROM/64ko RAM "Intro/one screen Demo" released in November 2017 at Alchimie12, ranked : 2nd (silver prize)

This one is the final release from Shadow Of The Beast Preview from 1995 on CPC standard, making it a 22 years and half project.

POUËT : http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=72271


  • Yet another Plasma


  • iO


live compo : {{#ev:youtube|2eWr-g5MP7U|300}}

  • Logon's run - 3D meets the aging bits


live compo : {{#ev:youtube|pmlUYW8bBLY|300}}

  • Eerie Forest



Other productions


  • Live comments from the release/compo at Revision2017 (Twitch channel)
This also displays the LordGarbageTruck mental post-traumatic meltdown nomination for the sir_garbagetruck brain meltdown on Twitch live contest