Roland in Time

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Roland in Time is a platform game from Amsoft/Gem Software.

This game is included on : Amstrad PP5 Compilation Disk.

On France was called : Roland Voyage dans le Temps.

Roland in Time is one of the best platform style games and one of the first to be produced complete with a semi-decent rendition of the theme from Doctor Who.

This can be seen as some sort of Coloured Jet Set Willy clone.

Roland has to jump between ten different times zones using his phone box, collecting crystals.

Spread over 52 screens of varying difficulty, along with several hidden areas that are less than obvious and sometimes hard to find.

Oddly addictive and good fun to play.


  • The name of the game could have been "Doctor Who I ".

Both Roland in Time and Roland in Space are a tribute to a British television series produced by the BBC: Doctor Who.

  • The series theme song (composed by Ron Grainer) also sounded in the introduction of Roland in Time.
  • And curiously, in this same game was an enemy called Gilder Cyborg whose appearance reminiscent of a Dalek, the mutant organism that wanted his race was the hegemonic.
  • In Spain it was not issued the original TV series, so the spanish editor of Amsoft, Indescomp, changed the cover ... [no one would understand the reason of the scarf and the telephone box...]
  • In France too the doctor Who franchise was unknown at the time(lord).
  • The Roland's sprite with the clashing colours is somewhat related to the sixth doctor's vividly coloured costumes... (also known as the Doctor Clown..?) played by Colin Baker from 1984-1986.
  • But the hat is also typical from the 7th doctor (Sylvester McCoy) from 1987-1989, who also sported coloured clothes.
  • Roland in Time was also released on the Tatung Einstein as Time Trap by Tatung Einsoft.


Title: Roland in Time
Company: Amsoft/Gem Software
Type: Platform
Year: 1984
Soft Num. UK: 170 / 1170
Soft Num. FR: 470 / 41170