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Software and Hardware manufacturer Indescomp of Madrid, Spain were the main distributers of the Amstrad CPC computers and Amsoft and Anirog software in their homeland (including the Spanish only CPC 472)

Prior to the launch of the CPC, Indescomp published games and hardware for the Vic-20, ZX Spectrum and MSX.

As well as publishing under their own name, Indescomp also released several serious software titles and a couple of games under the Microybyte label to differentiate it from software derriving from an Amsoft origin.

The company was eventually bought out by Alan Sugar who changed the company into Amstrad Spain Ltd. Existing company president José Luis Domínguez retained his role as the figurehead of the new division, as Amstrad went on to cement its status as a leading player in the Spanish home computer market.


  • Indescomp were behind the ultimately failed launch of the CPC 6128 in the USA (see here for more details)
  • Indescomp staff later went on to form two other successful Spanish software companies Opera Soft and Zigurat after the company stopped producing their own games
  • The company's name appears on an unusual prototype machine named the Solavox CPC 6128 which seems to have been designed for release in the USA.

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