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Solavox is one the LK-selectable Brand Names contained in the CPC BIOS.

Solavox is a manufacturer for HiFi speakers and televisions sets.

  • Comet was the exclusive distributor for Solavox.
  • Solavox. Brand name used by Comet Group plc.
  • Comet Group Plc, Criterion House, George Street, Hull. HU1 3AU, UK

Solavox and CPC

Solavox is also included in the CPCs alternative manufacturer names, which are predefined in the BIOS ROM, and are jumper-selectable via PPI Port B. Amstrad was apparently planning to allow Solavox (and some other companies) to redistribute the CPC computers.

Of these pre-defined brand names, only Amstrad, Schneider (German distributor) and Awa (Australian distributor) were used. Another distributor was Indescomp (Spain), this company wasn't included in the BIOS ROM, and so, Indescomp CPCs usually displayed Amstrad in the boot message, for some reason (maybe accidentally) a few Indescomp CPCs displayed Solavox. For best confusion, this happened in Indescomp U.S.A. models, whilst Solavox / Comet Group are UK based companies.

The "Solavox" CPC 6128

The Solavox CPC 6128 is a Schneider CPC 6128 (metal inner-cover and centronics connectors) inside a standard Amstrad CPC 6128 case, with British keyboard and Solavox startup, produced by Indescomp. No external Solavox logos or labels, nothing unusual but the sticker on the back, which reads:

Indescomp International U.S.A., inc.
1313 E. Westleigh Rd.
P.O.Box 592, Lake Forest Illinois 60045, U.S.A.
Manufactured: November 1985

Not "Amstrad USA", but "Indescomp USA".

There are at least three known Solavox units on Spain, so it seems some of them were marketed here for any strange reason.

Note: Indescomp USA did actually officially launch the CPC 6128 (see here).

Real Solavox Pictures