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Information extracted from emulator homepage:

Roland is an Amstrad CPC emulator written in javascript. It can be slow in your machine, so I recommend you to use with Chrome 10+ for best performance results.

By now, only CPC 464 model is emulated. Sound & disk doesn't work, and many games will crash or doesn't work properly, because this is a beta release (the first beta one). Green links (on left frame) are .TAP files, and the blue ones are .CDT. Please be patient by loading .CDT files, they are very slow and there isn't any notification until loading is done.

Roland has a GPL license, the source code is here. It shares the same Z80 engine as jbacteria and jtandy, but the rest is developed from scratch. There is another CPC emulator, at a very advanced state (disk emulation), so I encourage you to try it.


  • Only CPC 464 model supported.
  • Keyboard is as in your PC, so the mapping PCKEY -> cpckey is: INS -> copy, ENTER -> return, PC NUMPAD KEYS -> cpc function keys, NUMPAD+ -> enter, DEL -> clr, BACKSPACE -> del.
  • F1 for pause emulation, and show the keymap help.
  • Supported .CDT and .TAP files from server (.CDTs in blue, .TAPs in green).
  • Supported SNA files: load by dragging a local file to emulator window, save with F10.
  • Supported memory snapshots: save with F3 and load with F4.
  • F5 for reset (normal browser refresh) and F11 for full screen