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All the software that supports the PlayCity expansion board is listed in this page for giving it better visibility.

It's interesting to explain in a few sentences which features of the board the software is using and if you need to press any key or select a menu option to enable these special features. Of course, if the graphical side is improved, then don't be shy and add a few screenshots for catching the eye of future users of your software.



JavaCPC emulates sound part.


MAME emulates the 2xYMZs and the CTC lets you set YMZs clock, NMIs and Cursor Interrupts. In this moment only lacks of the support of daisy chain setup to acknowledge IRQs for using the normal timer/counter interrupts.

Operating Systems


There is software using the native CPC OS supporting the PlayCity (see below)


Space Chicken for FutureOS supports the PlayCity, that's an enhanced version of CyberChicken. FutureOS itself provides support for playing music and NMI handling. The configuration bytes tell if an PlayCity is connected.


Software for SymbOS exists which supports PlayCity (see below)


Cyber Chicken

Cyber Chicken is using the YMZ chips. {{#ev:youtube|0O7ejXpf1zM|300}}

Music Players

ReSeT #10

ReSeT #10 (File:Playcity is a music disk with a few PT3 Turbo Sound songs.


SymAmp for SymbOS (using the YMZ chips for playing 6 channel PT3 Turbosound modules){{#ev:youtube|B8-MoO1VJx4|300}}

Shining's PT3 player