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SymAmp screenshot

SymAmp is a music player for the SymbOS operating system and has been written by Prodatron. It has been designed in the shape and style of WinAmp (popular music player for MS Windows) and supports several of music formats:

  • compiled STarKos modules (SKM, this is the compiled version)
  • Soundtrakker 128 modules (ST2, this also is the compiled version of *.128 files)
  • PT3 modules (ZX Spectrum ProTracker modules, 3 and 6 channels; 6 channel playback requires a PlayCity hardware expansion)
  • MP3 files (requires an MP3 hardware decoder like MP3MSX/SE-One via Amsdap or SYMBiFACE 3)
  • SA2 AdLib tracker music modules (requires an OPL2+ sound device)
  • Amiga MOD songs (requires an OPL4 sound device like MoonSound, MonsterSound, OPL Shockwave via Amsdap)

SymAmp provides a playlist with a full featured editor. Songs can also be played in random order. When the end of a song has been reached, the next one will be loaded and played automatically.

SymAmp currently supports the following audio hardware:

  • Amstrad CPC internal PSG
  • Willy adapter for PC LPT soundcards, with an OPL3LPT soundcard plugged-in
  • PlayCity (Amstrad CPC expansion)
  • Enterprise 64/128 Dave Soundchip
  • MP3MSX/SE-ONE card
  • MoonSound and compatible OPL4 devices (MSX only)
  • PCW DKtronics AY
  • Darky (MSX only)

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