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Willy - MIDI and OPL3 Soundcard adapter for CPC





The cost for a Willy soundcard adapter is 10€. This does not include any soundcard, you have to buy those separately.

Technical information

2 ports are used to control the MIDI soundcard: &FEAC for data, and &FEAD for control and status.

3 ports are used to control the OPL3 soundcard: &FEBC and &FEBE are register select ports, and &FEBD is the data port.

OPL3 is register compatible with OPL2, with twice the number of signal sources, 4 new operator modes, 4 new selectable waveforms (including square wave) and stereo output.

OPL3 offers 18 FM 2-op chans in its standard mode, but that can be configured:

  • One setting converts 3 of the FM chans into a 5-chan FM percussion set (Bass Drum, Snare Drum, Tom-Tom, Top-Cymbal, Hi-Hat)
  • Another setting pairs 12 of the FM chans into 6 FM 4-op chans
  • Both settings can be used at the same time, to obtain 6 FM 4-op chans + 3 FM 2-op chans + 5-chan FM percussion set

Compatible Serdaco soundcards