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The Soundplayers are a serie of sound/network card which plugs to the CPC printer port to play 8-bit mono sound samples and communicate within a Virtual Net 96 network.

It was designed by Zik and distributed by Futurs'.

The Soundplayers were available for both Amstrad CPC and Amstrad Plus printer connector.

The Soundplayer was the sound-only version (no network option). It is compatible with the Digiblaster whilst providing a better sound quality.

The Soundplayer+ was an enhanced version which embeds both a Soundplayer and a Virtual Net 96 interface.

Either the Soundplayer or the Virtual Net 96 part could be optionally not mounted. When both part were mounted, a switch on the card allowed to switch from sound to network operations.

The SoundplayerNG was a cost-reduced version of the Soundplayer+. Unlike the Soundplayer and the Soundplayer+ it was not distributed by Futurs' and was DIY only.

The Soundplayer, the Soundplayer+ and the SoundplayerNG were mainly advertised in the French fanzine Quasar CPC. It was very popular in France, almost any scener got his Soundplayer.


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