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 A8.1.1.2) Futur's 10/31/99
 Futur's is a french group, they do many things. They bring you the
 Soundplayer (a better Digiblaster). It connects on the printer port.
 The Soundplayer is used by Protracker and Digitracker. You can do it
 yourself for about 30 FF of electronic components. The electronic
 plan is in the paper zine Quasar issue 9, see A9.1.3. With this little
 marvellous thing, you can have 8bit samples, instead of 4bit samples.
 The SoundPlayer+ is a better SoundPlayer, which can include Virtual
 Net 96 (see A10.5) for 10 FF more, or which can use a CPC+ port instead
 of the normal CPC printer port.
 The SoundPlayer II now exists. It connects on the expansion port and
 permits to make mono 8 bits/22KHz digitalized sound. It offers one
 more port to connect a second Soundplayer (for stereo) or to free the
 printer port.
 For ordering a SoundPlayer+ or 2, see A9.1.3
 see or