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/* Alchimie 13 – 2019 */
'''Roudoudou''' produced an '''invitro demo''' for the event, on Amstrad PLUS.
'''Almost 30 Amstrad active sceners''' or user attended the party (on a total of 169 reservations) which was probably one of the biggest de-facto "Amstrad" (french) event since quite some time. Twitch Live streams by Khomenor and JBleDaron were covering the whole event, NoRecess could come from far Québec to present preview of Sonic GX, Golem13 was also presenting his longer beard and Ghost'N'Goblin PLUS cartridge version preview as well. Targhan peformed some Arkos tracker improvised master class. The whole Impact team was assembled, Vanity as well, the amount of (french) legends per square meters was sometimes impressive (despite on only 2 square meters), yet not a lot of releases beside a pair of graphix or some wild compos from Amstradists. Food and drinks were had, lulz too.
'''Ced''' was awarded '''second place in 2D graphics''' with a nice Amstrad CPC full-screener.