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/* Alchimie 13 – 2019 */
'''Visitors :''' Demoniak, Roudoudou, Golem13, AsT, Drill, Kris, Sid, Khomenor, Hayabusa, JayBLOOD, MacDeath, Xtrabet, OffseT, Overflow, TotO, Hicks
, Beb, JBleDaron, MAC_GYVER, Targhan, Tarkir, norecess, CeD, OneVision, Gotcha, CMP, hERMOL, PulkoMandy, Solorenzero...
'''Teams :''' Impact, Vanity,, Futur's, Logon System, Arkos, Condense, CPCrulez, Shinra, Easter Egg...
'''Khomenor''' and '''MacGyver''' were awareded 2nd place in Wild compo with Pacothon (pinscreen animation + remix song with samples from JBleDaron twitch livestreams).
'''Overflow''' was retiring as the Legend he is, giving place for all the other legends to exist again. He was last seen as a Spectrum48 scener, doing MSX ports for Alice computers.