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[[Image:egs.jpg|thumb|Elmar Krieger in 2001 (very traditional with Almdudler)]]
'''Elmsoft Game Service''' or EGS (Elmar Krieger) is from Austria . He programmed several demos and a few games on for the Amstrad CPC and Nintendo Gameboy Game Boy for [[Titus Software]]. Furthermore, Elmar and he also published some tech technical articles in [[CPC Amstrad International]] and [[Rundschlag]] fanzine.
Lifelong email e-mail address is elmar(a)
== Groups ==
== Releases ==
=== Demos ===
*[[Amiga Demo#4|Amiga Demo #4]] (1990) *[[Magic Demo#2|Magic Demo #2]] *[[Space Demo#1|Space Demo #1]] (1989) *[[TwinBlast Demo|TwinBlast Demo]] *[[Chain demo|Chain demo]] *[[Zap'T'Balls_Intro|Zap'T'Balls Intro]]<br>
=== Games ===
* [[Cyborgs]]
* [[Prehistorik 2]]
* [[Space Taxi]]
* [[Super Cauldron]]
* [[Zap't'Balls]]
=== Utilities ===
* [[Turbocruncher]] ‒ published as a listing in [[CPC Amstrad International, 1992, Issue 8|issue 8/9'92]] of [[CPC Amstrad International]], and on the [[Databox|DATABOX]] cassette/disc for that issue
== Links ==
* [ Interview with Elmar Krieger by NoRecess]
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