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The program '''ROManager''' for [[FutureOS|FutureOS]] and [[AMSDOS]]/[[BASIC]] (*) was the first and is still the most comprehensive application for the management of the 512 KB Pseudo-ROM of the [[M4 Board]], [[SYMBiFACE II|SYMBiFACE II]], [[SYMBiFACE III]](WIP), [[X-MEM]], [[D-ROM]], [[MegaFlash]] and [[FlashGordon]]. The software was developed by [[TFM|TFM]] of [[FutureSoft|FutureSoft]]. This application is available on disc or in ROM.
"*"The version for [[AMSDOS]]/[[BASIC]] is here: [[ROManager BASIC]]
== FutureOS version ==
* The current version is 2.2837
* Faster, more functions (f.e. EDIT ROM function, which allows to alter single bytes of a ROM).
* Versions after 1.47 got only released for FutureOS.