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<br>'''CPC Loader''' is developed by TroelsK and '''CPCGamesCD''' and its screenshots are compiled by MiguelSky.
<br>Last '''CPCGamesCD''' update: 14/12/200706/2008:<br> Frontend&nbsp;Includes frontend, new CPC Loader 2 Beta .0 by TroelsKTroels K!!<br> NVG games update 06/11/200713.04.2008 !!<br> Includes Snap-Pack with ALL the captures by MiguelSky (3.4913523 images)!!<br> New version Added JavaCPC ( and new versions of CPCE (1.8590) and WinApe CPCEmu (21.0a156 beta) emulators!!<br> Improved categorizationIncludes Linux version of CPCLoader, Caprice 4.2, Arnold, XCPC, CPCEmu and JavaCPC !!<br> Included Apps (utils/cpc) and Cartridge folders Includes Maps folder of NVGand support for that !!
== <br>Web Links ==
* [ CPCGamesCD homepage]
* CPCGamesCD mirror at CPCWiki: [ download]
* [ CPC Loader homepage]
* [ CPC Loader change log]<br>
* CPC Loader moving to GTK, early screenshots [ here] and [ here]<br>