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Draysoft Doubler

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Image:draysoft doubler.jpg|Attached on the back of a CPC464
Image:Draysoft 1.png|Doubler in action
Image:Draysoft 2 speedcop.png|Speedcop the copying conversion programImage:NoPicture.gif|Inside of interface
== Technical ==
The hardware simply conists of an external cassette input:
Port F0E0h - Draysoft Doubler External Tape Data Input (Bit5) (Read Only)
The Doubler software (Side A) forwards Port F0E0h.Bit5 to PPI.PortC.Bit5.
The Speedcop software (Side B) is a baudrate conversion tool, allowing to select 1000, 2000, or 3000 bps (it's using only the internal recorder, ie. this program is not using the external hardware at all).
== Manual ==
Systems. Follow the screen prompts provided.
It is possible as you will see to sélect select your own SAVE speed and
to "deprotect" programs. With some long programs it may not be
possible to LOAD ail all the program to be backed up in one go. If
this happens SAVE the portion of the program that has been LOADed
then put the original back in and LOAD the rest of the program,