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Draysoft Doubler

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/* Technical */
Port F0E0h - Draysoft Doubler External Tape Data Input (Bit5) (Read Only)
The Doubler software (Side A) forwards Port F0E0h.Bit5 to PPI.PortC.Bit5.
Port Conflicts: Port F0E0h may conflict with various [[Peripherals]] (which often decode only 1-2 address lines being low). Moreover, it conflicts with the internal Port F4XXh (PPI.PortA, which decodes only A11,A9,A8). To the worst, while running the Doubler software, PPI.PortA is set to 00h, so the Draysoft hardware must output a very strong HIGH level to pull-up the PPIs LOW level.
The Speedcop software (Side B) is a baudrate conversion tool, allowing to select 1000, 2000, or 3000 bps (it's using only the internal recorder, ie. this program is not using the external hardware at all).