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Braxx Bluff

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'''Braxx Bluff''' is a 1985 game from [[Amsoft]] / [[Micromega]]. You play a rescuer from a medical orbital ship, sent down in a rescue pod to rescue three crewmen whos land-rover on the planet-surface has lost all energy from energy-hungry life-forms.  Your mission is to rescue the three dying crewmen (on life support) and bring them to their base-ship, far from their location on the planet surface. The game consists of multiple stages or mini-games: landing on the planet surface, locating the crewmen's rover on foot. Driving their rover towards the ocean, and skimming across the ocean at top-speed avoiding rocks. All the while being attacked by flying, energy-hungry creatures.
== Information ==
|Title:|| '''Braxx Bluff'''
|Company:|| [[Amsoft]] / [[Micromega]]
|Type:|| Simulation
== Links ==
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